Thursday, July 17, 2008

There's always time to knit..

So this week, we found out we'll be expecting a little boy in November!! We're very excited, it was what I was feeling all along, the sonogram was so amazing. I'm feeling much better lately, thank god- 16 weeks is a long time to be so sick, you almost forget what it feels like to feel normal. However, just as I'm feeling good, Mr.Man's birthday has crept up on me, which means it's time for our all out, drag out, birthday bash of a bbq in my back yard. Our annual summer slam party is this weekend!! 94 degrees, is that all? hmmm... I'll be putting my mother and best friend to WORK!! I left the shop a few minutes early tonight to hit Wegman's- of course I have to make everything from scratch because ordering food would have much easier, but this year's theme is a luau, and we need tasty treats that are going to be fresh and delicious. So, the food shopping is done, but nothing can really be prepared until tomorrow night, so in the meantime... I grabbed some yarn on the way out the door today to start this tonight...

Road to Golden from Knit scene fall 2007. Don't ask me why now, I just really love it. I feel like playing with color and I've wanted to knit it for a while. Two nights before 50 guests are to arrive at my house seemed like the perfect time to start a sweater:) I even have one of the Wild Things next to me to help me along. He's going to remind me what I might look like by the end of the weekend, actually I think he's kind of cute.

I chose some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and a skein of Kersti and now I'm couch bound with my knitting. I'll worry about picking up balloons, the decorating, making the punch, and the 10,000 dishes that I need to cook, toss, and bake tomorrow night - right now, I just really need to knit.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How long is that gonna take? the question asked by my 3 year tonight. She must be so sick of watching me crochet the same bag. I should be sick of it too, but I am working at such a glacial speed, I'm just too tired to even take notice. It should be done any minute now, and then I can start something new, perhaps something lacy and adorable from this book that came in again this week...
It's so hard to resist working with the Ecologie cotton from Nashua. Each shipment is a pleasure to unpack, even though there are only 6 colors, they are plant dyed and the dyelots are slightly different every time, check out the pinky one, I might need to knit something luxurious in that color!!

Then I can top it off with one of the new beaded buttons that arrived this week as well. I think a dk version of the anthropologie inspired caplet from craftster would be perfect. Mindless enough for my baby challenged brain, something I would actually wear a lot!! (and it would fit around my growing belly- and oh it's a growin').

I just want to give a special thanks to Through the Loops for her blog post this week, it really means a lot!! The pictures of the girls doing pottery are incredible, those are the pictures I'm always too muddy to take. It's nice to know I'm not the only who likes getting stuck in the mud. Her girls are amazing in a million different ways and are a pleasure to teach- I know they're enjoying the art of clay.