Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sharing is caring...

I love when customers come in to share with me, their amazing projects. Today, Susan came by to show off her incredible blanket. Oh my word, the colors, the drape, the warmth. Can you imagine how warm your legs are under this blanket while you are knitting it? It's the projects that takes care of you while you are knitting it. It's the Berroco Interlaken blanket, but used a combination of Blue Sky's Silk Alpaca and Sport Weight Alpaca. The blanket is really stunning, and she has one more color row to go. Of course she picked up the yarn for the Juliet, so hopefully she won't get too sidetracked.

A little reminder/announcement for Carol Cypher's third visit to the shop. Carol will been coming in February to teach us the Nuno felting technique. When she pulled out her felted chiffon pieces at the last workshop, we were stunned. The workshop will be February 17th from 12-5. Her workshops fill really quick, so register a.s.a.p. Space is limited.... I hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

new things and best wishes...

I've decided that after all of the holiday chaos, I am going to focus on knitting a few sweaters for myself. Not for the shop, but for myself. Erika came strolling in one day with her Rowan Hermia sweater. She used a beautiful bright blue Malabrigo worsted and it came out great. We were oohing and ahhing over it. So, I decided that I have to have it too. Yesterday, I balled some yummalicious Dream in Color- of course, a gorgeous brown called November Muse. I absolutely love the way it is knitting up so far, the colors are really pretty. Can we just talk about the fantabulous shipments that I have been getting from Fleece Artist. I would shoot the Thrum Kits, but they're mostly gone, and the "Lady Of the Lake" kits? They're almost gone too. The colors are exquisite, look at this Sea Baby kit. Is that sweet or what? I love this company, and I am really glad that I decided to introduce them to the shop. Last but not least, Merry Christmas - I hope your holidays are merry and bright! Scarlett has been writing to Santa every night, and has been on her best behavior. We will sprinkle some granola on the front lawn Christmas Eve for the reindeer to eat. Three is a really fun age for Christmas, the baking, the shopping, and decorating. It warms my heart.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday cramming...

Is it me? Or is knitting for the holidays a bit reminiscent of the cramming we used to do for college? My hands hurt just thinking about the rest of the gifts that I have to be finished with by next week. That's what all nighters are for I suppose. All of this pressure makes me want to knit the Juliet from Zephyr, a little treat to myself. I can't wait to start it- oh wait here it is, I finished it last night, and I'm wearing it today!!! Cozy wozy out of Rowan's cocoon- only 4 balls. I love that, and the softness and drape- ooh la la. I highly suggest downloading this adorable pattern, unfortunately, I won't be able to stock it until after the holidays when it will be available for wholesale. Our friend, Ina, knit it with Blue Sky's worsted, 4 skeins- total lusciousness.

Now back to the gift making.... Most are finished, a couple haven't been started, but they'll be quickies. I might even break out the Singer and sew a few goodies for my mom. I have just received a shipment from Moving Mud, and waiting for a HUMUNGO shipment from Fleece Artist, so last minute gifts are in full supply over here. From the Fleece Artist knitting kits and Lantern Moon project bags, to Blue Sky's Hand Balm, it's all yummy.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thank you Carol!!

Carol Cypher's hand felting workshop yesterday was once again, filled with the most amazing energy and packed with information for all of us psycho felters. The girls traveled from near and far to visit with Carol, we worked on bead implosion as well as felting around wire. Check out my MIL's wire bracelet and beaded ring to be.This isn't a very clear picture, and I'm hoping that some of the gals email me pictures of their beaded wonders. Carol is heavenly to spend the day with and learn from. It is safe to say that we all walked away feeling full of ideas for our next felting adventure.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

more goodies...

Finally the Twinkle buttons have arrived. Love the Twinkle buttons! I have to say, the Twinkle buttons are pretty cool, but these are absolutely fabu. I love the flowers and I want to stash a few for myself before they disappear.Last night, my MIL (who is out for the holidays) and I were knitting up a storm. I fell in love with Dawn's hat last week, and decided it was a must have. It is featured on the cover of Knit Simple Fall 2007. Too cute- out of Blue Sky bulky. It claims to be a 2 hour hat, and it really is, if not less. It's so easy, I've already balled a skein of bulky in "Brown Bear" for my second hat.Is that a sad photo or what? Poor Betty looks so depressed. She should look happy, she has a groovy new hat on her head. Anyway, the hat is cool, I trimmed it with Colinette Point 5 just for fun.

So listen, if you were intending to come by this Saturday for open knitting and casual chit chat, DON'T!!! There are 18 students coming in for Carol Cypher's Hand felting workshop from 12-5. Come over on Sunday instead, we're open from 12-4. I'll be here knitting...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Miss O was sporting her mom's adorable Santa hat on this Saturday. Christina started it last week, and it caught on like the flu. I think Carmen started casting on for it before she even knew what book it was from. It is from Handknit Holiday by Melanie Fallick. It calls for Blue Sky bulky for the bobbles and worsted for the body of the hat. I have to admit, I was a little jealous I didn't have one knit up for me and Scarlett. I guess I will add that to the list of things to knit.

Today, we got a delivery of some new bags from Offhand Designs, along with new circular needle cases. Baskets and Sox Stix from Lantern Moon are also back in stock- those baskets are always a favorite of mine.

Monday, December 3, 2007

So, after I posted my last blog entry, I realized that I forgot to post a picture of the worsted knee sock, duh... I finished half of the second sock on the way to toys for tots at St. Mary's children's hospital in Queens yesterday. The picture really doesn't do the sock justice, it is truly irresistible. Ted and I do the toys for tots run to this children's hospital every year. The children here are severely physically and mentally disabled, mostly from traumatic brain injuries. Out of the 400 beds in the hospital, we get to visit with only 10-12 kids... Pretty sad that the rest are bed ridden. Nonetheless, they are so happy to see us. We sit, play, and read with them. Bring them dvd's, toys and books. I sat and played with a young, beautiful girl named Carla, who is 11. She suffered 2 severe strokes all before she turned 10, and needs to relearn everything, that just isn't fair at all. Through the strife she experiences every single day, she manages to stay so cheerful and sweet. The good news- she is about to take her first steps any day now. If you are interested in making a donation to the children's hospital for the holidays, it would really make a difference.

In the midst of knitting for your friends and family for the holidays, perhaps consider knitting for the guys and girls over seas. Operation Homefront is a an organization that provides patterns for helmet covers to the soldiers that face cold weather conditions in Iraq, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. The cascade 220 will be 25% for those who are interested in knitting helmet liners for the guys and gals who right for us every day. You may not support the war, but we all need to support our troops. The link has the pattern and the address in which to send the liner. This is a great way to give thanks.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I wanted to share with you, some of the projects I have been working on, other than felting. Yes, I do get some knitting done these days, just as much as I should. My child hood friend just had a baby named Savannah Rose, so sweet- just 5 lbs. I finished the baby bolero from the One Skien book out of Art Yarns' supermerino. If I can only get to the post office to mail it out. I felt like it needed a little something on the front, so I crocheted a flower and wallah!! So cute...

I finished one of the Blue Sky Worsted Knee socks- buttah!! My mom is on the tiny side, so her socks are quite a bit shorter. They are so cozy, I put them on last night, and I have to make them for myself. The pattern calls for 3 skeins of solid and 1 for the alternate, however, I still have some left over from the 1st main color skein after 1 sock. I think 2 and 1 will do it. I am going to do my best to knit them for everyone this year. Yummalicious cozy house socks to curl up with when you're watching a movie!! Oh yeah, they're knit on a us 6!! I casted on for the second sock, so on the way to Toys for Tots in Queens tomorrow, I will try and knit..