Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whisper is so sweet...

I finished this fabulous little sweater last week (ok, maybe 2 weeks ago), but I haven't had much time to sit and blog lately. Hanna Fettig's "Whisper Cardigan" is a lovely pattern to knit. It was featured in the Spring 2009 Interweave, and seriously, I'm knitting another one- no doubt. Koigu? Ooooh, Jitterbug in Oyster Blush or Vatican Pie. It's knit in one piece, no sewing at all- what a treat... Oh, and the Malabrigo lace, I love it, I'm hooked completely- we just got some more in, and the colors are amazing. This is Tortuga, I'm more than happy with it (in case you can't tell)... If you come by to check out the lace, be sure to look for Indigo- it's really pretty...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yeah! It's Carol!!

A few weeks ago, I was so delightfully surprised to hear from Carol Cypher! If you know Carol, you would agree, that just the sound of her voice is simply enough to brighten your day. Since having the baby, things have been a bit hectic, and I not always the best in keeping in touch. It often seems that there are never enough hours in the day, so I was really happy to hear from her (maybe even a little relieved). She called just to touch base and say hello, I was so glad. This week, however, I had a minute to give her a call, and decided to ask her to come down and visit, perhaps schedule a workshop, it's been too long. I miss Carol, and I also miss the felters who come from near and far, just to spend the afternoon felting together in my shop! It's always a blast. We decided on hand felted purses and vessels- how fabulous! Carol comes on June 28th from 12-5... There is no time to waste, if you want to sign up, do it asap, her workshops fill really quick!!! Here are a couple of examples... Pretty amazing!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So often in the shop, crocheters fall in love with a knitted garment and ask me to convert the pattern from knit to crochet, and visa versa. I'd love to, and for the most part I have no problem figuring it out for myself- however, I'm not sure that I feel too confident passing it along to someone else. Luckily, the book "Knit or Crochet" by Margaret Hubert is complete with hook and needle instructions for 15 projects. Finally, there are options for everyone, very cool!

Don't ask me how this happens, but there seem to be a few books out there, that have in fact been out for some time now, that somehow, I've never seen! I don't know how this happens, but it does, like "Knitalong", by Larissa Golden Brown and Martin John Brown. Hello? What? This is a fabulous book!! Someone in the shop happened to be knitting "The Entomology Mittens" (so amazing) that are featured in the book, and I fell in love with them so I had to browse through it. It just so happens, that this book also holds the pattern for the next throw on my list, the "Barn Raising Quilt". I love this quilt thanks to Pamie! Take a look, this is a picture of the blanket from the book, knit from sock yarn scraps- to die for if you ask me, I must have this!!!

I think my favorite favorite favorite book right now, has to be "Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible" by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne. Not only are there beautiful and unique projects for your pets, like a hamster house and party collars for your pups, there are other projects- such as my favorite, the knitted wire bird feeder! This is the coolest, so Home Depot here I come- like this Sunday!! I love the horse blanket too, so so pretty... Even if you don't have a pet of your own, I think it's a really beautiful book. I'm not exactly a "cat lover", but I have to say the mouse blanket is pretty adorable!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My girlie girl...

I was finally able to finish Scarlett's "Monica" tank from knitty this past weekend. We were really hoping to snap some silly photos outside, maybe on a sunny day next to the start of our garden, but..... it seems like we would have to wait until next week to do that! Oh sun, where are you already? I'm listening to the pouring rain right now as I type and my hands are freezing! She tried it on though, and it is oh so cute, so I let her wear it tonight when she was playing with her dolls. She absolutely loves it, it's super girlie (and a cinch to knit). She picked out the colors (Dk cotton from Rowan), if only she could wear it, over a tee shirt this weekend, perhaps.

Happy Mother's Day, (and happy knitting to of course)!!