Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Knitting and Crochet for fall...

Hey everybody, there have been a few updates to the fall schedule, here they are... For any further questions, or if you'd like to sign up, please call 908-604-4294.

Learn to Knit 2 - The next class after Learn to Knit! Learn to: increase and decrease for shaping; use yarn overs for decorative stitching; create an I-cord for handbag handles; weave various seams for joining pieces together; pickup stitches for neck edges or decorative stitching; make a buttonhole, and more. Skill Level: Intermediate; must know how to knit and purl Sessions: 1 2 hour session Homework: Each student must come to class with 3 4"x4" swatches created using stockinette st (knit one row, purl one row, repeat) on size 8-10 needles. Leave the last swatch on the needles. Student responsible for bringing needles, yarn, tapestry needles, and scissors.Nov 12 7-9PM

NEW - Fiesta Feet -
Based on Lucy Neatby's design, this incredible sock will be the coolest thing you ever slip onto your foot. Kick your sock knitting skills up a notch when you combine several pattern and 2 different color sock yarns together, you won't be disappointed!! Homework for Fiesta Feet – 2 – 50g Main solid color and 1 50g Variegated, needles size US# 1 or 2. Prepare one cuff before the first class. Waste yarn cast on – With a contrasting color similar weight waste yarn, cast on 15 sts, work 6 rows of St st beginning with a knit row, cut off waste yarn and temporarily knot on Color V (variegated).
Or Cast on 15 sts
Row 1: In Col V, k 15
Row 2: In Col V, k 14, p1
Row 3: In Col M (main), k 15
Row 4: In Col M, k 14, p1.
Repeat these 4 rows until the sock cuff fits gently around your ankle. End with Row 3
Oct 6, 20, & 27 7-9 PM
NEW - Broomstick Lace - This is a crochet technique that uses a knitting needle in conjunction with your crochet hook to creat a lacey effect. It has been around for centuries, and is still used by some of the most fashion foward designers today. We'll be crocheting a capelet that was featured in Interweave crochet using beautiful Rowan kidsilk haze. Oct 16 & 23 7-9PM

NEW - Filet Crochet –
Lace is everywhere this season. Make beautiful edging for a pillowcases or cuffs in time for the holidays. Uses small hooks and thin cord. Bring your glasses! Oct 21 7-9pm

Moebius Basket-
Learn how to make this intriguing basket based on the Moebius strip, a geometric figure that forms a continuous loop with only one surface. Learn how to cast on and knit this marvel from the middle out to the edge. Decorate it and, then felt it and watch your creation turn into a charm. You will be amazed and unable to stop yourself from making more. I've already made 7 uniquely different baskets. Oct 22 and 29 6-9PM

NEW - Double Kit Booties -
Tis the season for giving!! We'll be using angora or baby suri to knit the coziest, most adorable baby booties you've ever seen. These booties are created by double knitting- which means we'll be working both sides at the same time in the round- quick quick quick!!! Nov 17 7-9 PM

NEW - Catherine Wheel Crochet -
The Catherine Wheel is a fabulous stitch which allows 2 different yarns (or 2 different colors) to intertwine, giving each color plenty of room to shine. We'll be using this decorative technique of interlocking color wheels to crochet a fantastic hand bag from a Japanese crochet book, a must have accessory! You will learn how to read a crochet chart. Nov 11 & 18 7-9 PM

NEW - The "Luckiest" Entrelac bag - This adorable felted hand bag is created by modified entrelac squares. This bag doesn't use the triangles on the edges, which is used in traditional entrelac patterns. Nov 3 & 10 7-9 PM

NEW - Cable and Bobble Mittens –
Learn how to make intricately cabled and bobbled mittens with Stockinette stitch palms. Use double points or magic loop method. Use a vibrant color to pop against subtler outerwear for Fall/Winter. Nov 13 and 20 7-9pm.

Finishing without Fear -
Finishing is the most important, and sometimes referred to as the most challenging part of creating a hand knit garment. This course will teach you the basics in blocking, sewing seams and how to determine which method is best for your project such as, backstitch, mattress, kitchener, etc. Nov 19 7-9 PM

NEW - Crocheted Socks –
Why not! Simple, fun and great to wear with clogs. Make them for the whole family. Use solid or variegated yarns. Oct 28 and Nov 4 7-9pm

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy fall!!

Fall is finally here, and I am SO happy that it's cooling down outside. This is definitely my favorite time of year. The leaves are starting to drop and you may find yourself grabbing a sweater on the way out the door!! Yeah- it's sweater weather!! Customers are already starting to shop around for holiday gift ideas, and some of the gals are knitting from the Coco Knits patterns... It's funny, the same day that these patterns came, we got a Malabrigo shipment... Check out some of the patterns...
These are the Malabrigo loafers that are absolutely adorable, if you remember I featured Pamie's loafers a few weeks ago... She used the Colinette's new One Zero for the sole and the Malabrigo chunky for the upper. Then there are the Prairie Boots, another perfect project for the chunky as well- and with a few of the One World buttons? Too cute...

Now, if your brother is anything like mine, he's not going for the loafers or the Prairie Boots, so you may want to look for something with a little less of a fashion statement like the Felted Desk Accessories... Happy knitting!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to Nature...

The ever so funky Eco Andaria yarns from Japan are now out on display in the shop- and I love having them here. The ladies have been oohing and aahing at the sheen and the amazing colors. From deep chocolate browns to bright golds and reds, one ball is more gorgeous than the next. We will be ordering more books and more Andaria along the way- be sure to check out our Catherine Wheel crochet class offered this fall. We'll be crocheting a must have hand bag with 2 fabulous colors of Andaria. Very exciting!!

This past weekend (I have to use code names here and I'll reveal why later), Peanut butter stopped in with her Christmas present to her sister Jelly -ALREADY FINISHED!!!!! (Did I mention that this is a Christmas present, what a nice sis!) Power knitter on fire, how does she do it? We'll never know- it was done in just a week or two!! This is the Nordic Tradition sweater featured in the current issue of Vogue, however, Peanut butter used Manos wool classica. Take a look- I can't get enough, if I could try it on right now secretly, I would, but we all know it's not fitting over my baby bump! Jealous? Me too, but I have a few little baby sweaters I need to knit from now until November.

So, this is what Peanut butter's been knitting, and here's what I've knit this week- yeah ha ha I know, it's just a Little Lesterella for Scarlett. It's not much, but she's pretty cute. I haven't sewn her eye lids on yet, but I'll get to them. I have to say, this is a really cute gift, done in almost one sitting. Especially, if you have that one skein of Ozark Handspun lying around forever and you don't know what to do with it, well here you go. I'm sure this won't be the last Lester I knit... ps, rereading this blog post, I realize that my code names may be a bit revealing as to what I'm really thinking about as I type...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eco Andaria

is just about the coolest fiber ever to be unpacked in this shop!! The colors are unreal, and I seriously can't even wait to attack one of these balls with my crochet hook!! Eco Andaria is an eco friendly fiber made from wood pulp. You see these fibers used in the Ondori crochet books. We are one of the only shops in the US to carry the Eco series, so come over over and check it out, you'll love it. I'd blog more, but I need to shuffle yarns around to make room for my new favorite.....