Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bamboos and buttons...

I was really excited to open my delivery from Carol of Farmhouse Yarns today. I've been waiting for my new Bonnie's Bamboo for a week or so, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. (I actually put aside what I started last night, something I NEVER do. Yes, I finish what I start most of the time- loose ends make me a little bonkers). However, when I opened this box, I grabbed a skein of Ivory and decided that I need one of these. A perfect little scarf for spring...

After all of the cooking I did for my family on Easter Sunday, I didn't feel like doing much of anything this week, I hardly knit- a row here and there. What I really felt like doing, was playing with Fimo clay, so I made some buttons. In fact, I used the light pink ones in the bottom of the photo for my suri/merino sweater that I finished a couple of weeks ago. They were fun to make, but I have to admit, as the idea of rolling millefiori canes intrigue me, it must take a ton of practice (I mean a ton). I'm not there yet, I'm just having fun playing with clay.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The dress was a hit!!

I wanted to share with you a couple of pictures from yesterday's Easter dress fashion show... Here is the set, Blue Sky's new pattern for Girl's Sundress, and a little flapper crochet hat to match...
The night before, she needed to try it on for size, of course. Oh, she loved it so.

And then, before our family arrived, we shot a few pictures of her twirling and whirling, practicing her ballet like Eloise.

She loved her dress, as did the family, oh and here she is wearing her hat this morning before school. I used an H hook with the left over yarn from the dress, too cute...

Speaking of crochet, I wanted to show off our contribution to the Coral Reef exhibition. Here's a group shot, the pieces all came out great, the workshop was so much fun.
The Institute for the Humanities at New York University is co-sponsoring the exhibit, which will appear in the university’s Broadway Windows at East 10th Street and at the World Financial Center April 5 through May 18. This information was taken from the New York Times article on the exhibition, check out the article... Thank you to everyone who participated, and of course to Carolyn!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Spring!!

This week, I treated myself to a new camera, finally!! I bought a Canon S5is. I love it, it has super duper zoom, and now I can shoot all of the delicious yarn in the shop. I snapped a few shots on Friday when I got home from work, I figured I could test it out on one of the little Hyacinths that is starting to make it's way into the world.

Look, a detailed shot!
And here is my sweety's dress for Easter Sunday. It fits her adorably, and you know I'll be taking pictures of her tomorrow, I'll have to post those too. This might be one of my favorite knitted pieces of all time, it's so pretty. Happy Easter everyone!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter is when? What!?!?!

So when was someone going to tell me that Easter was this Sunday? If there is one thing I'm really terrible at, it's checking the calendar. OH *%$#!!! Well, apparently, I'm cooking for the whole family. I learned about this when visiting Long Island this week, my grandmother said over a cup of tea, "you're having Easter right? Just make sure you pick up a few bananas for me and a box rice" (oh- you can only imagine). I can laugh now thinking about that because that was actually really funny, but food shop? That means I'm going to have to put the needles down for a minute. It also means someone sweet needs a little cotton jumper to wear for the Easter Bunny. I started the Girl's Sun dress from Blue Sky. Obviously, a long sleeve underneath, but this is perfect to knock around in at our house (ahhhh! eeeek oohhhhh!!!) No it's okay, really, I love having it at our house. It's really the preparation that is a bit overwhelming. Anyway, on to other things...

This week, more beautiful, amazing, and fabulous yarn came in!! I received a small portion of my Smooshy sock order from Dream in Color. So soft and a trillion yards on a skein.

Pretty huh? I think so. However, nothing really beats opening a box from Patti Subik. The colors are unbelievable, I know there are some really great dyers out there, but she is truly talented- stay tuned for her trunk show coming up this April at the shop. When I get a box of Peru, a delicious cotton that is a dream to work with, I know there are going to be some really happy knitters in my shop. These colors scream spring!!

I think I'm going to have to knit, or maybe crochet, a market bag out of the Blue Sky skinny cotton. I'm really excited to start working with this, the colors are rich and decadent!! So much yarn, where do I start!! Actually, I think this cotton would work up lovely in the Rickenbacker scarf from Through the Loops!!

It's 11pm, I have to get some knitting done if I want Scarlett to where this dress for Easter '08 and not '09!! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thanks alot Jen and Lindsay and....

Well the pressure was on forever by the girls in the shop, and now I'm ravelrying like crazy. Looking at yarns and patterns and more patterns and yarns. I started the shop group today, yes- it's official. I think it's groovy so far, but am I like the last person on earth to join? Gee whiz!! Anyway, log on and join the group.

I have been unpacking yarn for days now, one box after another. Some of the yarns, I can't believe I haven't ordered before- what's my deal? Like Rowan Felted Tweed!! How soft and beautiful is this yarn? I'm going to have to start knitting the Martha sweater out of Rowan's Studio 2 book. Add it on the list!

After I unpacked that box, I unpacked a springtime favorite at the shop- Louet Euroflax. This is just a sprinkle of the Louet yarns that will be arriving this spring...

And after that box was priced and put out, I unopened a giganto box of Colinette- Banyan, Jitterbug, and Tao. Banyan is a wonderful Dk weight cotton, but there's nothing else like in the shop, handpainted cotton! Where's my crochet hook? I can't even wait!! Angelfire is a Sox Hot Spot for the "Think outside the Sox" contest. So if you're a crazed sock knitter, you should definitely check this out and come by for your Jitterbug, we have over 30 colors to choose from!! Here's some of the Banyan I took out of the box, stress the word "some".

Last but not least, I received some absolutely gorgeous Sea Silk from Hand Maiden this week. As fast as I took it out of the box, it flew out the door. No worries though, there's more on the way. These are my 2 favorites from the batch.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A great big thanks!!

Yesterday was great fun, I had to show off these fabulous (vegan) cupcakes that Lindsay, the miracle baker/speed knitter baked for everyone. They were yummy- thanks Lindsay!! I was really moved by some of the kind words from the gals and I can't thank everyone enough for their generosity over the years and for being part of my shop. It is so heartwarming to know that so many friendships have been made in the shop, I love that!!

I feel like I've been knitting forever on this little cardigan I started for myself. Something sweet for spring (and an excuse to use the Blue Sky suri merino). Holy furry softness. Hopefully, I'll finish most of it tonight. I just wanted a plain little cardi, so I decided top down would be the fastest, cast on 100 sts and go- knit to size. A good reference though, that is free online is Stefanie Japel's basic top down recipe, plus she has some other free patterns that are really cute too. I pulled 5 skeins for my sweater, but I'm still on the 3rd, pretty cool huh? Maybe I can eek by with 4 skeins.

I forgot to post a picture of my scarf from the Crochet Small Things book. This isn't the best picture, but oh my word... This is gorgeous. The drape, the detail, it looks so fabulous on. I used Nashua Ecologie Focus and it is just amazing... oh yeah 6 balls on a G hook. I really enjoyed working on it too. I'm sure that this picture will do it no justice, so I guess you'll have to try it on next time you're in the shop.