Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter is when? What!?!?!

So when was someone going to tell me that Easter was this Sunday? If there is one thing I'm really terrible at, it's checking the calendar. OH *%$#!!! Well, apparently, I'm cooking for the whole family. I learned about this when visiting Long Island this week, my grandmother said over a cup of tea, "you're having Easter right? Just make sure you pick up a few bananas for me and a box rice" (oh- you can only imagine). I can laugh now thinking about that because that was actually really funny, but food shop? That means I'm going to have to put the needles down for a minute. It also means someone sweet needs a little cotton jumper to wear for the Easter Bunny. I started the Girl's Sun dress from Blue Sky. Obviously, a long sleeve underneath, but this is perfect to knock around in at our house (ahhhh! eeeek oohhhhh!!!) No it's okay, really, I love having it at our house. It's really the preparation that is a bit overwhelming. Anyway, on to other things...

This week, more beautiful, amazing, and fabulous yarn came in!! I received a small portion of my Smooshy sock order from Dream in Color. So soft and a trillion yards on a skein.

Pretty huh? I think so. However, nothing really beats opening a box from Patti Subik. The colors are unbelievable, I know there are some really great dyers out there, but she is truly talented- stay tuned for her trunk show coming up this April at the shop. When I get a box of Peru, a delicious cotton that is a dream to work with, I know there are going to be some really happy knitters in my shop. These colors scream spring!!

I think I'm going to have to knit, or maybe crochet, a market bag out of the Blue Sky skinny cotton. I'm really excited to start working with this, the colors are rich and decadent!! So much yarn, where do I start!! Actually, I think this cotton would work up lovely in the Rickenbacker scarf from Through the Loops!!

It's 11pm, I have to get some knitting done if I want Scarlett to where this dress for Easter '08 and not '09!! :)

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