Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Spring!!

This week, I treated myself to a new camera, finally!! I bought a Canon S5is. I love it, it has super duper zoom, and now I can shoot all of the delicious yarn in the shop. I snapped a few shots on Friday when I got home from work, I figured I could test it out on one of the little Hyacinths that is starting to make it's way into the world.

Look, a detailed shot!
And here is my sweety's dress for Easter Sunday. It fits her adorably, and you know I'll be taking pictures of her tomorrow, I'll have to post those too. This might be one of my favorite knitted pieces of all time, it's so pretty. Happy Easter everyone!!

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  1. I have just discovered your blog! Yea! I love this little sundress. I just purchased the pattern in anticipation of making it for my granddaughter, age 5 (almost). I couldn't decide if I really liked it for her or not. Now I know. I LOVE it!!1 Thanks for showing the pictures, and your little girl is adorable!