Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thanks alot Jen and Lindsay and....

Well the pressure was on forever by the girls in the shop, and now I'm ravelrying like crazy. Looking at yarns and patterns and more patterns and yarns. I started the shop group today, yes- it's official. I think it's groovy so far, but am I like the last person on earth to join? Gee whiz!! Anyway, log on and join the group.

I have been unpacking yarn for days now, one box after another. Some of the yarns, I can't believe I haven't ordered before- what's my deal? Like Rowan Felted Tweed!! How soft and beautiful is this yarn? I'm going to have to start knitting the Martha sweater out of Rowan's Studio 2 book. Add it on the list!

After I unpacked that box, I unpacked a springtime favorite at the shop- Louet Euroflax. This is just a sprinkle of the Louet yarns that will be arriving this spring...

And after that box was priced and put out, I unopened a giganto box of Colinette- Banyan, Jitterbug, and Tao. Banyan is a wonderful Dk weight cotton, but there's nothing else like in the shop, handpainted cotton! Where's my crochet hook? I can't even wait!! Angelfire is a Sox Hot Spot for the "Think outside the Sox" contest. So if you're a crazed sock knitter, you should definitely check this out and come by for your Jitterbug, we have over 30 colors to choose from!! Here's some of the Banyan I took out of the box, stress the word "some".

Last but not least, I received some absolutely gorgeous Sea Silk from Hand Maiden this week. As fast as I took it out of the box, it flew out the door. No worries though, there's more on the way. These are my 2 favorites from the batch.

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  1. Well clearly I've got to get over to the shop! All of those yarns are soooo gorgous.

    I joined the Ravelry group! Fun!