Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My girlie girl...

I was finally able to finish Scarlett's "Monica" tank from knitty this past weekend. We were really hoping to snap some silly photos outside, maybe on a sunny day next to the start of our garden, but..... it seems like we would have to wait until next week to do that! Oh sun, where are you already? I'm listening to the pouring rain right now as I type and my hands are freezing! She tried it on though, and it is oh so cute, so I let her wear it tonight when she was playing with her dolls. She absolutely loves it, it's super girlie (and a cinch to knit). She picked out the colors (Dk cotton from Rowan), if only she could wear it, over a tee shirt this weekend, perhaps.

Happy Mother's Day, (and happy knitting to of course)!!


  1. It is beautiful - lovely colors. You made her so happy!

  2. Just stopping in today to wish you a wonderful Mother's Day. May you do something special and enjoy your wonderful family.