Monday, December 3, 2007

So, after I posted my last blog entry, I realized that I forgot to post a picture of the worsted knee sock, duh... I finished half of the second sock on the way to toys for tots at St. Mary's children's hospital in Queens yesterday. The picture really doesn't do the sock justice, it is truly irresistible. Ted and I do the toys for tots run to this children's hospital every year. The children here are severely physically and mentally disabled, mostly from traumatic brain injuries. Out of the 400 beds in the hospital, we get to visit with only 10-12 kids... Pretty sad that the rest are bed ridden. Nonetheless, they are so happy to see us. We sit, play, and read with them. Bring them dvd's, toys and books. I sat and played with a young, beautiful girl named Carla, who is 11. She suffered 2 severe strokes all before she turned 10, and needs to relearn everything, that just isn't fair at all. Through the strife she experiences every single day, she manages to stay so cheerful and sweet. The good news- she is about to take her first steps any day now. If you are interested in making a donation to the children's hospital for the holidays, it would really make a difference.

In the midst of knitting for your friends and family for the holidays, perhaps consider knitting for the guys and girls over seas. Operation Homefront is a an organization that provides patterns for helmet covers to the soldiers that face cold weather conditions in Iraq, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. The cascade 220 will be 25% for those who are interested in knitting helmet liners for the guys and gals who right for us every day. You may not support the war, but we all need to support our troops. The link has the pattern and the address in which to send the liner. This is a great way to give thanks.

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