Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday cramming...

Is it me? Or is knitting for the holidays a bit reminiscent of the cramming we used to do for college? My hands hurt just thinking about the rest of the gifts that I have to be finished with by next week. That's what all nighters are for I suppose. All of this pressure makes me want to knit the Juliet from Zephyr, a little treat to myself. I can't wait to start it- oh wait here it is, I finished it last night, and I'm wearing it today!!! Cozy wozy out of Rowan's cocoon- only 4 balls. I love that, and the softness and drape- ooh la la. I highly suggest downloading this adorable pattern, unfortunately, I won't be able to stock it until after the holidays when it will be available for wholesale. Our friend, Ina, knit it with Blue Sky's worsted, 4 skeins- total lusciousness.

Now back to the gift making.... Most are finished, a couple haven't been started, but they'll be quickies. I might even break out the Singer and sew a few goodies for my mom. I have just received a shipment from Moving Mud, and waiting for a HUMUNGO shipment from Fleece Artist, so last minute gifts are in full supply over here. From the Fleece Artist knitting kits and Lantern Moon project bags, to Blue Sky's Hand Balm, it's all yummy.


  1. I've had the yarn in my stash for this one for a few months now. Seeing yours makes me want to drop everything and make it. Of cours I still have that Blue Sky Worsted that I bought from you sitting around. I could always make two!! ;)

  2. Very beautiful yarn and color choice... great job! And Happy New Year to you to you!!