Thursday, December 6, 2007

more goodies...

Finally the Twinkle buttons have arrived. Love the Twinkle buttons! I have to say, the Twinkle buttons are pretty cool, but these are absolutely fabu. I love the flowers and I want to stash a few for myself before they disappear.Last night, my MIL (who is out for the holidays) and I were knitting up a storm. I fell in love with Dawn's hat last week, and decided it was a must have. It is featured on the cover of Knit Simple Fall 2007. Too cute- out of Blue Sky bulky. It claims to be a 2 hour hat, and it really is, if not less. It's so easy, I've already balled a skein of bulky in "Brown Bear" for my second hat.Is that a sad photo or what? Poor Betty looks so depressed. She should look happy, she has a groovy new hat on her head. Anyway, the hat is cool, I trimmed it with Colinette Point 5 just for fun.

So listen, if you were intending to come by this Saturday for open knitting and casual chit chat, DON'T!!! There are 18 students coming in for Carol Cypher's Hand felting workshop from 12-5. Come over on Sunday instead, we're open from 12-4. I'll be here knitting...

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  1. Why, oh why is Betty so depressed? Was she looking forward to knitting with friends on Saturday and can't make the Sunday event? Cheer up Betty! That is one fabu hat you are wearing!!

    I'll have to check out that pattern. My BIL has been pestering me for a hat with earflaps for years! I'll leave the Point 5 adornments off his though. He couldn't pull it off with the panache that Betty does.