Sunday, February 15, 2009

cozy knitting...

There's been a real knitting bug floating around the shop lately, the girls and myself- knitting as fast as we can. I mean, the holidays are over, so perhaps it's that we're half way through February and maybe we're feeling like we need hurry before it gets warm. Whatever it is, I'm really liking the last few projects I've worked on, especially today's- The Buttony Sweater by Katie Marcus. I found this on Ravelry (what did we do before Ravelry, I often ask myself). I used Malabrigo chunky in Watergreen, 5 skeins, and made it a short sleeve. I recently ordered these fun paisley shaped buttons for the shop, and they worked out perfectly. We have the buttons in 14 colors, so if you get inspired to whip up one of these fun Buttony sweater's, come and check them out.. This cardigan is top down, so it's super quick, and even though it's a chunky weight yarn, it's not too warm, just cozy.

Then a few months ago, the girls over at Purl posted a pattern for the Lovely Leaf Scarf, soooo super cozy. I love it, and I love this new color from Jade Sapphire, "Peach Honey". This might be the coziest of all, soooo soft and warm, I've been wearing it every day! I'm actually about to Kitchener stitch another one for one of the girls at the shop. I used the Jade Sapphire in 6-ply and just used an 8 needle instead of a 9, and it was perfect. If you want to knit something really special for yourself, this is it.

Finally, I was able to finish my February Lady sweater. It doesn't fit as well, because I had intended to wear this when I was still pregnant, but was just too exhausted to work on anything. It fits okay I guess, but it's a bit roomier than I would have liked it for now. I loved working with the Suri Merino from Blue Sky, and realized that I've knit so many projects with this color in almost all of their yarns. I guess we just gravitate to the same colors because we love them so much. It was really simple to knit, and all three of the projects are free patterns online!!!

Last but not least, Carolyn and I have added another one nighter to the class schedule, Continental Combination Knitting Class on the last Wed in Feb. (2/25). For more information on classes please visit the website, or call the shop anytime- 908-604-4294.

We received a bunch of Koigu KPPPM, I've got 4 squares done (and many many many more to go) for Scarlett's Babette Blanket. It's going to be the perfect project to work on here and there, the colors of koigu are just too much fun!! Happy knitting and crochet!!!


  1. Your work is beautiful. Wow. Wish I could knit, but I always come over to see your new posts!

  2. Any solid colors in the KPPPM?