Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby Wes got Thorped!!

On Thursday, I brought the baby by to meet the girls and pick up some yarn for more Christmas gifts. Bev and Ko split the shifts on Thursday, and have been doing a dynamite job- thank you! We were all passing the baby around (lots of oohing and aahing) - it's so nice to see everyone welcome baby Wes with such loving arms. Ko handed me a gift bag, and I believe her words were- "oh, here's a little something I knit for the baby". A little something? It's the cutest hat I've ever seen!! EVER!! Wesley got a Thorpe, the best Thorpe on the planet! We were dying, it looked so adorable on him, he looks like a little elf!

She knit his Thorpe with a handspun yarn, however- much to my surprise, the braids and pompom are my very own hand dyed silky merino- yippee!! I love it, it's perfect. It's funny, because I had just printed her pattern for the Thorpe hat, to knit for a few friends- maybe even one for Scarlett, check it out, it's a free pattern download! You'll find her pattern store more than a treat to browse through, and I promise, there will be many designs that will make your mouth water - one of my favorites, are the Genmaicha cabled mitts. I've been delighted and honored to have Ko help out at the shop while I've been home, enjoying the baby. Thanks Ko , not just for the Thorpe, but for inspiring us with all that you do!!

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  1. The pleasure has been all mine! I'm going to miss my Thursday afternoons at Angelfire when you come back.

    I'm so glad you like the Thrope. Wesley is so cute you could put a coffee can on his head and make it look fantastic.

    Thanks for saying such nice things about my designs.