Friday, January 30, 2009

The latest knitting and crochet schedule- yeah!!

I made some changes to the winter/spring knitting and crochet schedule, so here it is! Take a look, there are some new classes that we haven't offered before, and back by popular demand- Hair pin lace!! I have yet to update the website, and will hopefully get to that tonight (if the stars align)....

New - Hairpin Lace Scarf - As seen in Winter 2008 Interweave Crochet. If you can single crochet, you can make this scarf. Hairpin lace uses a small loom and crochet hook to make long strips of double loops. The strips are then joined together to make this romantic scarf. Ribbon yarn is the perfect choice for fabulous drape. The beauty of hairpin lace lies in how the strips are joined. Learn how to use the loom and a variety of joins. Cost: $50 plus materials. February 16 & 23 7-9 PM (Monday)

New - Lacy Tunisian Crocheted Scarf - If you can single crochet, try this fun project. Learn various techniques for combining 1, 2 or 3 yarns to make beautiful scarves for the whole family. Tunisian crochet looks woven rather than traditional crochet. Make the La Mer scarf as featured in Summer 2008 Interweave Crochet. Cost: $30 plus materials. March 2 7-9 PM (Monday)

Fair Isle & Steeking - Learn how to add color to your knitting with fair isle. This technique is also referred to as "stranded" knitting. The third class to the course will cover "steeking", which will take your top down, fair isle sweater and turn it into a cardigan by cutting it up the front and securing in your loose ends,. Have no fear, Caolryn is here!! Cost: $75 plus materials. February 11, 18, & 25 7-9 PM (Wednesday)

Learn to Knit- This is a terrific class for the true beginner, as well as the knitter who has put the needles away for too long and is in need of a kick start. Learn the basics of knitting, including casting on, knitting, purling, decreasing and binding off. In addition to learning the techniques, students will learn the basics of reading a knitting pattern, gain a basic understanding of a variety of yarns, check gauge, weave seams and learn the art of machine felting. You will complete a Felted Purse during class. Cost: $75 plus materials. March 11,18 & April 1 7-9 PM (Wednesday)

Crochet for Beginners and Beyond- Crochet is hot! Learn how to chain, single crochet, double crochet and more to create a pretty ruffle scarf. This is the ruffle scarf that was featured in Interweave Crochet Spring 2006. It's a great class for beginners or for those with WIPs (Works in Progress) or UFOs (Unfinished Objects) hiding in the back of their closet who need a jump-start to get the project finished. Students will learn to read a pattern, check gauge, weave seams and finish the project. Class size limited. Skill Level: new crocheter Cost: $75 plus materials. March 10, 17 and 24 7-9 PM (Tuesday)

New - Cache Satchel - This will be Carolyn's first published pattern. Make this great Spring handbag using Egyptian cotton and Entrelac patterning. The bag is worked in the round and has designer finishings. Close it with a zipper or a snap. So hot and new we don't' have a picture yet, but stay tuned. Sign up for the Handbag Lining class, at the same time and save 30% off the cost of the Lining class. Cost: $50 plus materials. March 9 & 23 7- 9 PM (Monday)

How to line your bag - You've knit or crocheted a beautiful hand bag and now you want to use it withut fear of it stretching and loosing shape. This class will teach you how to add a simple yet sturdy lining to your hand made accessory. Cost: $30 plus materials. April 27 7-9 PM (Monday)

NEW - Catherine Wheel Crochet - The Catherine Wheel is a fabulous stitch which allows 2 different yarns (or 2 different colors) to intertwine, giving each color plenty of room to shine. We'll be using this decorative technique of interlocking color wheels to crochet a fantastic hand bag from a Japanese crochet book, a must have accessory! You will learn how to read a crochet chart. Cost $50 plus materials. April 6 & 20 7 - 9 PM (Monday)

Tunisian Crochet- Quick Stitches for a Beautiful Woven Look What do you get when you cross a knitting needle with a crochet hook? You get the tool used for Tunisian crochet! Learn to do an old technique that is very "hot" today. Crocheting witha long hook works up very fast and creates a fabric that looks woven. It also uses less yarn than traditional crochet. Get started on an accent scarf, evening wrap or afghan. Tunisian crochet is versatile, giving you the freedom to create a wide variety of projects. Suitable for new and experienced crochet students. Cost: $50 plus materials April 14 & 21 7-9 PM (Tuesday)

Modular Knitting: Mitered Squares - Modular knitting requires knitting small pieces and joining them together as you progress. No seams will show at the end of the project - just beautiful seamless results! When this techniques combined with variegated yarns, the results are stunning. Modular knitting can use various shapes besides the square. In this class you will explore the mitered square, which uses the simple garter stitch. Learn also: decreasing and stitches and finishing. Get started on a mitered scarf. Suitable for students who know how to knit. Cost: $50 plus materials April 15 & 22 7-9 PM (Wednesday)


  1. hey my favorite yarn lady! any chance we'll have a carol cypher class sometime??

    hope all is well with you and the fam.

    love,alice (and kelly!)

  2. Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)