Thursday, September 16, 2010

maxima and lace...

I'm here with 7 very large boxes of yarn, thinking about rearranging the shop a little to accommodate it all.  Then I'll get busy taking pictures and adding it all to the website.  Here's a little peak at the Manos del Ururguay Lace that is sitting on my desk waiting for me to decide on a pattern for it.  It's so soft and these colors are stunning.  We also received Maxima from Manos as well, a single ply superfine merino that I will be balling today for a shrug for Scarlett.  As soon as we get back from school pick up, she can choose a color.  Maybe she'll have an easier time that I am, jees they're all too nice.  On that note, I will need to close the doors of the shop daily from 2:40 -3:10 to pick her up from school, sorry for any inconveniences, but I gottts to get my baby! 

 Oh wait, before I forget, today's delievery also restocked our Malabrio sock, worsted, and twist.  I'll get it all up on the site as soon as I can.  Happy knitting!!!

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