Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet Trillium Yarns' New Associate

Oscar is the newest (and hairiest) addition to the staff at Trillium Yarns. He's a sweet little guy, whose journey started in Tennessee. We don't know much about his first couple of years, but he was eventually rescued by Eleventh Hour and placed at the pet adoption center at the Mount Olive Petsmart, where my daughter and I met him and fell in love.

Having just lost our old girl, Annie, who'd been with us for 14 years, I wasn't ready to give my heart - and everything that goes with it - to another dog, but we couldn't stop thinking about him and his goofy ears. We asked to bring him home for a night to see how he would be with our cats - they thought he might be a little 'enthusiastic' - and he was great.

The next day, he came to work with me so I could see how enthusiastic he'd be around thousands of balls of yarn, and, wouldn't you know it, my friend Kirsten Kapur pulled up at exactly the same time we did. Just the week before, she'd been in the store consoling me over the loss of Annie and advising me not to get another dog right away. We were barely in the door, though, before he won her over.

So he's ours and settling in nicely, except that he tested positive for heartworm at his new dog checkup. He's just begun treatment, which will last for the next 3 months, during which time we have to keep him very still, so I'll be keeping an eye on him at the shop for the next little while. So come on in and say hello!

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