Sunday, September 8, 2013

Why should kids have all the back-to-school fun? 
Come in or call, 973.425.0480, to register for classes. They are filling up quickly! Here's a few of them, but please check to see a complete list of classes.

Chakra Shawls: the Healing Power of Color
September 11, 18 & 25 11am-12:30pm 
Fee: $55 ($45 when you purchase supplies at Trillium Yarns 10% off) 
In this class we’ll look at color as a tool for healing and transformation, primarily at how color is connected to chakras in the Hindu tradition, but touch on the use of color and meaning in other traditions as well. Combine color with intention and knit a chakra or prayer shawl, or another project that feels right for you.

Learn to Crochet
September 17, 24 & October 1
11-12:30pm Fee: $55  ($45 with purchase of yarn at Trillium Yarns 10% off)
Learn all the basic techniques while crocheting a ripple scarf or a blanket based on the beautiful Vintage Crocheted Throw from Churchmouse Yarns. 

Learn to Knit
September 17, 24 & October 1

1-2:30pm   Fee: $55  ($45 with purchase of yarn at Trillium Yarns at 10% off)
Learn all the basic techniques....casting on, knit and purl stitches, binding off, correcting mistakes.  You'll also learn about yarn weights, and begin pattern reading, all while completing your first project!


Learn to Knit (Continental)
September 23, 30 & October 14   7-9pm
Fee: $75  ($60 with purchase of yarn at Trillium Yarns at 10% off)

Continental knitting is the fastest method of knitting.  Learn to “pick” stitches rather than “throw”, cast on, bind off, knitting, purling, decrease and increase. In addition, students will learn the basics of pattern reading, yarn selection, gauge check, seam weaving, and machine felting.  Complete a Felted Purse/Clutch during class. 

Continental Combination for Throwers

ONE NIGHT: Monday, October 7   7-9pm 
Fee: $30   ($20 with purchase of yarn at Trillium Yarns at 10% off)
Is throwing slowing you down? Does the thought of seed stitch send you running? Is two color knitting out of the question? It’s time to learn to knit continental and put your fears behind you. Continental combination is the fastest method of knitting, and makes advanced knitting easier. Learn to knit and purl using this method and watch your speed increase. So much knitting, so little time...the solution...knit faster and enjoy.


Crocheted Beaded Wraparound Bracelet 

October 22   7-9pm
Fee: $40 
($30 with purchase of supplies at Trillium Yarns at 10% off)

Make and take! This adorable bracelet is a hit!  It could easily start you on those handmade holiday gifts. Uses a simple, but different, foundation and slip stitches. This is a fun and fast project completed in one evening. Must know how to single crochet. (Note: beads must be strung prior to class.)

Finishing Techniques  
with Keith Leonard, of Knits All Done
Sunday, September 21, 1-3pmFee: $45 
Learn to professionally assemble your knitwear from the finishing master Keith Leonard, owner of Knits All Done. In this class you will learn the tips, tricks, and secrets behind picking up stitches, weaving in your ends and the proper use of mattress stitch to seam your prepared knitted swatches together. Be amazed as the magic unfolds and walk away with the proficient skills to finish your knitwear professionally for years to come.

Weaving on the Schacht Zoom Loom 

with Angela Tong 
Sunday, September 28, 1-4pm
Fee: $45
(Loom and weaving yarn, to be purchased at Trillium Yarns, not included)

Zoom Loom Weaving and Beyond 

with Angela Tong  
Sunday, October 5, 1-4pm Fee: $45
(Loom and weaving yarn, to be purchased at Trillium Yarns, not included)
Now that you have mastered making plain squares with your Zoom Loom, I am sure you will want to learn some advanced techniques. In this class we will learn how to weave patterns, how to read a pattern, techniques on how to seam your squares together, and finishing your edges with a crochet hook for a decorative effect. I will show you examples of what can be made with your squares.
Homework: Please come to class with 6 squares, woven in a smooth plied worsted weight yarn. 

Rigid Heddle Weaving
with Angela Tong  
October 26 and November 2, 1-4pm   Fee: $120 
Weaving yarn, to be purchased at Trillium Yarns, not included)
This class will introduce you to two different looms, and guide you through preparation, the weaving process, and a range of finishing techniques. Enroll in this class, and you'll learn:

  • How to create a warp
  • How to calculate correct yardage
  • How to use different fibers and colors in one project
  • How to weave two towels at a time on a single wa
  • How to set up, use, and maintain your rigid heddle loom

  • How to produce plaid projects
  • How to finish projects with trims and fringes

  • Short Rows the Lizard Ridge Way 
    with Keith Leonard, of Knits All Done
    Sunday, November 3, 1-3pm  Fee: $45

    Short row fun anyone? In this class Keith will teach you how to properly work short rows using Noro Silk Garden to create 1 of 24 squares that combined turn into a beautiful afghan called Lizard Ridge. You not only learn short rows, you will learn how to properly read and count your stitches while working two different strands of yarn from the same ball of yarn. Disclaimer: Once you start this project, it will be very, very hard to put it down. Be prepared for addiction, laughter, and bursts of color!

    with Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops  
    October 27   Fee: $60 each or $110 for both
    (Supplies, purchased at Trillium Yarns, not included)
    COLOR WORKSHOP:  The Best Colors for Your Projects
    11am-1:30 pm   Fee: $65
    Kirsten Kapur is renowned for her intuitive use of color. She has generously agreed to share with us some of her secrets for making color choices seem effortless.
    Having picked our colors, we will cast on one of her beautiful designs under her guidance.

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