Monday, January 28, 2008

Hi Margaret!!

Well, I'm still on the iphone, our camera has yet to be recovered (arr)! I think about running over to Best Buy to buy a new camera, but I'm really to trying my best not to buy on impulse. I really rather do a little research on which Canon I want. So for now, I'll have to rely on my phone, which is okay.
Hi Margaret, hope you like my new hat, and look, you didn't have to wait a whole week to read about it. This is the "3 Tams" hat pattern from Knitty. It is ADORABLE!! However, I blocked it and kept it as a beanie instead of stretching it over a plate for a tam. I'm starting another one this week for my brother- it was super quick and easy, and yes, I did wind up pulling some of it out (I know I said I didn't have time to pull things out- but in this case you have to obviously).

I really enjoyed this pattern..

I got the SOFTEST yarn EVER today from Jade Sapphire. Lacey Lamb!!! 10 beautiful colors (so far)- 850 yards for what? $20 a ball. I am doubling this tonight and knitting something delicious for myself.

We also got some new 2-ply in to replenish the stash. Tourmaline is oh boy, and Everglades? Oh dear... What to choose, what to knit? How do I decide?

Lastly, I wanted to share a picture or two of the "man" who drives me absolutely bonkers. He is making me totally insane lately with flipping my kitchen chairs- and oh you name it. Still, he remains one of the sweetest guys I know. He sits by my side all night, every night while I knit to keep me company. I guess I am a lucky girl :).

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  1. Awwwww! Puppy!!! So cute!
    You are torturing me with all of that gorgeous new yarn!