Friday, January 11, 2008

it's spaghetti time...

A big box of delicious silk was delivered to me today. I'm cracking my knuckles and rolling up the sleeves, it's dye time. This is a buttery soft 50 silk/50 merino blend- 4 stitches to the inch. If you've knit with Lion and Lamb from Lorna's Laces, then you're familiar with this luxurious yarn. Perhaps you've knit the famous Clapotis from Knitty? Anyway, I haven't dyed yarn in a while, and this one is a true favorite of mine. It really absorbs the dye nicely due to the silk and I'm looking forward to a little dye party in my kitchen. That's what I call me time.

Bummer - I forgot to have someone take a picture of my sweater today, I was a bit distracted when Joanne stopped over to show me the wire bracelets that she finished over this past weekend. I have yet to finish one! I have to say, I really love needle felting little marble beads for necklaces and bracelets. It probably stems from my love of stippling. I spent an entire semester at Pratt just working on stipple drawings, I'll have to bring one in for show and tell. Let's take a look at her bracelets, shall we?Notice the needle felted marble on the right side that matches the lamp worked bead on the left. I love that, and the purple bracelet above is really sweet. I have been felting here and there, in between the knitting projects, however, I think I need to take a private lesson from Joanne on felting over wire, she has it down. Oh and here is my sweater. I wound up taking a picture of myself, head chopped off and all. At least you can appreciate the color and get an idea of what the sweater looks like finished. I love it. The yarn is super soft and cozy, and I'm diggin' the cowl neck.I hope I don't drop any spaghetti on my new sweater tonight.

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  1. Have fun with all of that Merino/Silk goodness! I wish I had the time. . .