Thursday, January 10, 2008

what have i been doing lately?

Why haven't I posted anything lately, oh I don't know. Just obsessed with this hat from the Fall issue of Knit Simple (thanks to Dawn), I can't even get enough. I kid you not, it is completely finished in under 2 hours!! I knit this one - which my babe is modeling for me... And then this one for myself with a matching scarf out of Blue Sky worsted. Cast on 160 stitches on a us11 and knit 30 rows. Alternate the colors however your heart desires. Can I just tell you how soft and cushy this scarf is. Just what the doctor ordered, it makes me very happy. I love the way Colinette Point 5 accents the edge of hat, but of course I favor the Ozark Handspun- it's just a little funkier. I decided that my Wednesday afternoon girls each need a hat. Allyssa LOVED her hat, and it looked great on, of course it was 62 degrees when I gave it to her, but she wore it anyway. That a girl..Scarlett also needed one, which I knit out of Big Wool to get a slightly smaller gage. Too cute.I'm not the only though, who has Hat Scratch Fever. Christina brought in her skull magic masterpiece. After hours of work, here it is. Nice work girlfriend and thanks for the latte yesterday.I also finished my Rowan Hermia sweater, which I would love to share with you, unfortunately, I can't photograph myself. I'll wear it tomorrow to work, and have someone take a picture of it. It came out quite nice, I think you'll like it. Tonight, I am going to crochet (boy do I ever have the crochet itch- enough with this knitting thing, you know - for a week). I want to crochet cool funky pillows for my store out of Silk Garden and Cash Iroha. There is a new Silk Garden color in, which I love... Hopefully I will have something to post by tomorrow. I feel like such a blog slacker...

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  1. I too am obsessed with this pattern ... made four of them. Everyone that got one, put them on and wore them the whole day (indoors). Am making one ( in plain brown Blue Sky Alpaca) for my son-in-law who absolutely flipped over the hat.