Friday, August 1, 2008

Totes, pouches, socks, and girls...

Finished, finally!! Well, actually it was finished last week, but I was too tired and lazy to sew on the button. So, wah lah, here it is, cute right? Super easy and fun to do. It's definitely a quickie project if you're crocheting at regular, non preggo speed. Some of the girls around the shop have been coming by this week for crochet quickie to squeeze in between their knitting, this is one of those perfect projects. I held 2 strands of Euroflax together on a G hook, 2 skeins for the bottom color and 1 for the top. We have full supply of these "Summer Hat and Bags" books, so come on over and browse. Each book filled with projects that are so adorable, it's kind of hard to decide which project to start first. Carolyn and I are almost ready to unleash the fall knitting and crochet schedule, and there are plenty of crochet classes for those of you who are ready to hop on our crochet train. There's no reason why you shouldn't, and too many reasons why you should be crocheting at this point. Crochet is ideal for whipping up gifts that are so beautiful, just take a look at some of the projects in these Japanese books, from the petite pouches to the trendy market bags, they're all so terrific. We'll teach you how to read a crochet chart, and the symbols- which are universal. So have no fear when you approach one of these splendid Ondori crochet patterns!!

We received some sweet treats this week, Tilli Tomas sent over a batch of her cell phone cases. Similar to the her "Ruck Sack" bags, you would pick up and knit your way down the pouch. Perfect for scrap yarn, or if you're looking for something special, a little of her gorgeous "Rock Star" hand beaded silk would be decadent if you ask me. We also opened a a box of her mini skeins, if you haven't seen these yet, they are adorable. Each skein has just 25 yards, and can be used for embroidery or simply for embellishing your knitting.

The new colors of Colinette's Jitterbug came in too, the pinkish one in the back of the picture, is a must have for me- that's for sure. The colors are so gorgeous and we are fully stocked to please any color palette! This sock yarn is definitely a favorite around the shop, it wears and washes great. If you haven't tried a pair of socks yet, no worries, we have lots of sock classes coming up this fall too. If you have tried a pair, and you're looking for something a bit more challenging, you might want to sign up for our "Fancy Feet" sock class. I promise, this sock will be the coolest sock you'll ever slip on your foot.

Okay, I had to post this, yesterday, we decided since Scarlett was feeling a bit under the weather still (as you can see in her eyes), that we would bring Honey Bear, her bulldog sister, to work with us. We figured it would be fun, well- it was!! She snorted around the shop for a while, greeted customers with her wiggling and waddling, and then preceded to snore under my desk. We even tried to have her model some of the pieces that were around the shop, but nothing fit over her head! Too cute.

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