Thursday, August 7, 2008

Third time's a charm...

Now that I've ripped out my sweater 3 times, I think I am totally in love with the color combo. Thanks to the girls at the shop last Saturday and many laughs (mostly at my expense- whatever), we finally decided that what my sweater needed, was a little bit of love from Dream in Color. Dream in Color can make any color combination come to life. I added in Flamingo pie and took out the blue "Whale of a Skein" and the white Debbie Bliss. Now it gives me the warm and fuzzy feeling that I needed- yeah!!! I only did an inch or two of color so far, a snail's speed is a compliment these days in regards to my knitting.

Yesterday at the shop, I got NOTHING done because I stared at this cubicle all day thinking of things I could make with these fabulous colors. I thought about a few different sweaters, and then just decided to stare some more instead of think at all. Obviously I'm totally enamored with this color palette lately (as you can see with my sweater above). Blue Sky offers one gorgeous color after another, it's unbelievable and they just introduce more and more every year. I love the papaya silk alpaca!!

I now have a new favorite yarn though, it's Colinettte's latest addition to their collection- One Zero. It's their thinner version on Point 5, which we all know and love so much, except it's knit on a 9 or a 10 needle and has 109 yards!!! It's SOOO super soft and the colors are delicious as usual. I really need to pick up the pace with my Road to Golden sweater (above), if I want to get crackin' on all of these other projects that I have in mind, especially that special baby blanket for my little peanut!! Check out these colors...

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