Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One sweater down...

about 1000 more to knit QUICK before the baby comes... Now that all of these great fall yarns and patterns are starting to arrive, I'm getting a little anxious with my knitting. Check out these new patterns from SKIF that are coming in this week...

and I love this one- oh yeah, it comes with a closure. All of the SKIF's come with hardware, how cool is that?

I wish the pictures would have transferred a bit bigger, but at least you get the idea, funky right? Really looking forward to those. We also have patterns from Wendy Bernard and did you see the new Malabrigo loafers from Coco Knits? Here's Pamie's pair, this pattern is on the way too. I'm telling you, there are so many things for me to knit right now, my mojo is on fire, and I can't click clack those addi turbos fast enough to keep up with myself.

Seriously, can you stand these? She used the new Colinette One Zero for the base and the flower, I love them.

Here's my Road to Golden sweater finally finished (well- technically I knit it 3 times, before I could commit to the color combo, and boy do I love the colors I chose). I love it so much, I just wish I could try it on, but the baby bump is in the way at the moment.

Let's see, hmmm, what is the most exciting I have to share, oh yeah- it's ECO ANDARIA!!! It should be here any minute, and we'll be one of the only shop's in the country to supply it to all of you crazy japanese crochet enthusiasts!! We're getting in everything you need to crochet these...


Be sure to check out our new knitting and crochet schedule. There have been a few updates and classes added to the list as of this morning, and we'll be using the Eco Andaria for the Catherine Wheel crochet class. Carolyn and I are so excited to teach everyone how to crochet these Japanese patterns with confidence.

Last but not least, we got in a nice juicy shipment from out friends at Ozark Hanspun. Both, the original and his new creation- "Opulence", which is a bit thinner and with more yardage. The colors are so great, I have to knit a "Lester Sheep" for Scarlett asap. Maybe one for me too.


  1. Keep that fricken Road to Golden sweater away from me. Already have over extended myself with planned projects. I love it!
    As far as the new stuff you are getting in ... are you opening a candy shop because that's what it looks like to me ...YUMMY new CANDY!!!!!!!

  2. clear off that couch cause i'm moving in. I love it ALL!

  3. Sheesh! I've got to get over there. So. Much. Good. Stuff!

    That sweater is a beauty!