Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I hope everyone have a fabu weekend, I know we did. We gardened up a storm. It's our first garden together in our first house, it's really kind of sweet when you think about it. We planted roses, morning glories, mums, and all sorts of fun stuff. Scarlett hung out with her friend "The Wolf", a 5 lb. chihuahua. She is so used to hugging her 55 lb. bull dog and her 80. lb pitbull, she looks like she is going to squeeze poor Wolfie's head off in this picture.I decided to get started on the felted flowers that I want to give to her teachers before they move her up to the next class this month. I beaded one of them last night, but then carried away needle felting my purse. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!! I LOVE NEEDLE FELTING!!!!!!!!!! I am balling more Manos for another one today. I used the Cascading Fuschias Market Bag pattern from Noni, but knitting all of those felted flowers? I don't think so. Needle felting leaves so much room for creativity (it's the painter in me), there is such freedom, when all you have is a needle and a mound of colors to play with. I used Manos instead of cascade, I just loves the way it felts, all burly and nubby. I added a ball of kidsilk haze to it to give it is little fuzz. I really can't wait until Ashland Bay comes, I am hoping to recieve the color binder today. Since we're talking about felting, Robyn came in with her glorious shibori mohair wonder. I love it, Scarlett modeled it her own special way outside. Originally, Robyn purchased a few balls of Madil Kid Seta for a shawl, but got frustrated like so many of us when attempting to knit a shawl out of mohair (why don't you just try to move a building- HARD!!) So i suggested doubling it on a size 9 needle (much better) and turn it into a shibori spectacular, and that she did. I think I am going to have to one one, it is just so soft.

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  1. just give me that little scarlett and that bag you made. mom