Wednesday, September 26, 2007

mission accomplished...

My mission last night was to knit and felt a hat, so that I had something to needle felt this morning, and I did- not that it's a ton of knitting or anything, but I had to factor in cooking dinner, bathing the babe, reading to her, and putting her to bed - as we all know takes HOURS (just the putting her to bed part- someone else doesn't like sleeping either, I wonder where she gets that)!!! So, by the time I got back downstairs and ready to work, it was 10:30 -11 ish. Tonight, I will add some beads to the flower. I couldn't find a pattern that I loved on line or in the shop yesterday, so I made it up as I went along. I wanted something fedora-ish, this is pretty close (I think), whatever it is, I like the way it fits a lot. It was still a bit damp this morning, but who can wait for it to dry? I certainly don't have the patience for that!!! Especially when it comes to needle felting - my new obsession. I will post the pattern soon!

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