Friday, September 14, 2007

My brain is mush!

So lately, I have been trying to figure out ways to rearrange the shop in order to accommodate the new arrivals for fall. Let's see, Lorna's Laces, Blue Sky's Suri Merino, Fleece Artist, Rowan's Cocoon, Malabrigo (lots and lots), and oh yeah, I forgot, a TON of merino top from Ashland Bay, which apparently has already shipped (yikes). I wrapped up my gloves for Tilli Tomas and shipped them out on Thursday. My first published pattern, how fun!! Margaret, my genius sister from another life, came up the with "La Dolce Vita" for the gloves, perfect if you ask me. I can hardly wait to see the gloves after the photo shoot. Unfortunately, these things take some time, and waiting has not been my best feature.
I don't think Scarlett is too good at waiting either. Today, we picked up her Sleepin' Booty dress for the 3rd birthday - vacation to Disneyland this October...Despite all of the the mental chaos I have at the moment, I have to say, the one project that I would really love to start, is the Lillith Shawl/shrug by Louet. Kidlin Pixie is so pretty just on the skein, knit up- it must be beautiful. I just placed an order for more yesterday, although, I do love the chocolate brown...


  1. are all the yummy new yarns in yet?

  2. hi alice, no not yet, malabrigo this week (it better), louet ths week, ashland bay, this wednesday. and then all through the rest of the monthand lots for october like fleece artist. oh yeah some lorna's on tuesday...