Friday, September 7, 2007

Whistle while you work....

Isn't that from Snow White? We don't have that one yet (I'm really not a big fan of Snow White). Scarlett is still so totally hung up on Cindawella and Sleeping Booty (yes I said Booty). Anyway, I am workng as fast as I can, knitting more bags to felt, just so that I can needle felt on to them, and felting more bracelets just so that I practice my beading. I called Carol Cypher this morning to let her know that we have 18 students for the next felting workshop. I swear, speaking to her is like a tall drink of water after a hike through the desert. She is so wonderfully refreshing and makes you feel like there is nothing wrong in the world. I let her know that I now have a major felted bracelet obsession...I did these last night, after I ran out of the manos I was knitting with (for a felted bag). The night before last, I started beaded theses brooches for Scarlett's teachers- I hope they like them. They're cute- the drop beads are really pretty. I went bead shopping (thanks to Joanne) in Princeton to "A Place to Bead"- that lady is soooooooo nice...
I spoke to my MIL last night and told her about the new colors of Art Yarns' Ultramerino 4, perfect for her new sock fetish. So here is a picture of the colors that came in yesterday. Hi Mesa girls! They refer to themselves as yarn whores, don't we all.


  1. I'm one of those Yarn Ho's! ;)

    Hey can you email me your email addy? I have pics of my daughter modeling the socks Barb is making for her and want to send them to you.


  2. now i need two skeins of each color for my yarn hor. luv mil