Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ina came by this morning with some patterns to refresh my stock. Just as she left, I realized that she finished the "Julia Shrug" pattern. Yippie!! I LOVE this pattern. Who wouldn't want to knit this? It takes 2 skeins of the Blue Sky Suri, and is absolutely luscious to the max. As she was walking out, I said, oh now I have to knit that tonight, she threw me her sample and helped herself to 2 new skeins. What a trade- we love that!!!!! Who loves you Ina?

More fun stuff to arrive this morning, some Ozark Handspun... So now we can start using it with our chunky knits or felting projects for a little added fabulosity. Check out this skein, I think he used a bit of lurex, it has a touch of sparkle. I am thinking about the Concentric Vest in Interweave Knits. I would use big wool and glamify it with a trim in ozark. I may change my mind another 20 times today. That's one of my best qualities. As you can only imagine, it is very difficult to decide what to knit when you're sitting in a knitting store, surrounded by beautiful yarn all day. I could think of worse things though, so who's complaining.

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