Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We're back...

We're back, and boy did she have a magical birthday celebration. As you can only imagine, we did not want to come home!! We laughed non stop for a week, and just couldn't get over how Scarlett was completely overwhelmed with all of her dreams coming true. To see her walking up to Cinderella, totally taken back, brought tears to my eyes. No literally, I was crying. It was the most magical moment of her life, no doubt. We didn't want it to end. Ted and I couldn't get over how much this kid loved the tea cup ride... I took her on every ride that she was tall enough to go on, and she loved every minute of it. On her birthday, she wore her Sleeping Beauty gown to breakfast to meet the princesses. She took our breathe away...So, I wish I could say it's good to be back, but truth be told, I rather be in "Fantasyland" than in cloudy damp New Jersey. I have to order some yarn, straighten up, knit and get back into the groove. No more Mickey and Minnie, no more roller coasters (for now).... the girls did an awesome job while I was away. Now I need to replenish what sold out, (Tilli Tomas) aspen and flurries were a hit this week). I didn't knit a single stitch while I was away. I guess that meant I was having too much fun!!

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