Monday, October 8, 2007

Perhaps when you are about to take a vacation after not going away for so long, you feel like there are so many things you have to "take care of". But really there's not!! I figured, while Scarlett is at school today, I would wrap things up, but I find myself sipping coffee, stretching my legs, and straightening up a skein or two- here and there (what a joke). I am making headway on the koigu chevron scarf, but then today, I got some Tilli Tomas- Flurries and Aspen, in beautiful fall colors. My "La Dolce Vita" glove photo shoot took place last week at Tilli Tomas, and I am more than pleased with the finished product. I wish I could post the photo, but no can do. Apparently, I will be receiving a copy of the chosen photo any day now. In the meantime, if you want to get a head start on the gloves, come by, and I will print the pattern for you. The pattern calls for one ball of aspen, and one skein of flurries... So soft and cozy. I already set aside for a pair in "Atmosphere", the gun metal grey- a must have!!

Last night, I baked cup cakes for Scarlett's birthday party in school, my poor dog sat and moaned as if he was literally starving to death. The moaning and groaning was seriously over the top. He put so much effort into this, trying so hard to manipulate me into giving him a lick of batter, or even a cup cake - sorry buddy!!So, we leave in 2 days, and as it turns out, the shop will not be closed at all!! We are more than excited to play in Disney for a week and forget about work for the first time in 4 years...

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  1. Please give him a lick next time ... he is so beautiful!!!!!!