Monday, October 22, 2007

Thank god that's over. Despite the absolute gorgeousness of the contrasting colors in this scarf, I felt like this took forever. I love the feel, the color, the whole thing. Will I start another right away? I want to say no way, but the truth is probably. It is the perfect scarf. I have had it on all day, it turned heads yesterday at the Rhineback sheep & wool festival. The most exciting thing to watch at the festival was for sure the ..............horses. This man standing (riding) on the most magnificent creatures I have ever seen in my entire life. To see these horses up close, was , there are no words. We walked to the car completely amazed by these beautiful Belgium Brabant horses. Their legs were like tree trunks. I have never seen anything like it, just phenomenal- and I grew up with 2 horses- regular size horses, these were massive.

The real reason I went to the show was to finally met Sarina, John, and baby Scout from Moving Mud. We have developed a special relationship over the course of the past 2 years, but had never met. Her booth was so busy, but when I walked up to her, we knew it. Big warm hugs all around, and it's a bummer we don't live closer. Her baby is a sweet little peanut, and John- exactly as I imagined, and it was as if we had all been friends for so long. Then I made my mission to find Carol Cypher, to score one more hug, which I did. Low and behold, she had an ENORMOUS shawl closure form Moving Mud in the side of her hair, she is a rip. I love her. We ate in town at Gigi's, which was great, and then sat in traffic for 4, I repeat 4 hours getting home. I am not a good passenger, if the ride takes more than 45 minutes tops. "Where are we" "Are we almost there"? Poor Ted.

Now that my Chevron Scarf is finished, I have to start knitting. Really knitting...

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