Thursday, November 1, 2007

found it!!

Well, i found the camera- thank god. The good thing about that is that I get to blog, and take the pictures I need to, for my onine store (in the making). The bad thing about that, is that I will probably hold off on buying a new camera. That idea was starting to really set in with me, I like this camera A LOT!!! But Santa is coming soon, so maybe then. I scrolled through some of photos that were only the camera, pretty good I must say for a 3 years old. Notice she is taking pics of our dog at her eye level. Funny huh?
By the time I found the camera, it was too late to take a picture of Scarlett in her frizzy trimmed vest. I think it was referred to as "The Sonny Bono" vest yesterday in the shop. But one of the gals came by today, with her Gumby bag...
She used a combination of Manos and Malabrigo. It is so great, it's the perfect bag to throw your towels in and head to pool, or stash your yarn in to hide it from your husband. She had a shoe maker sew the handles on, which were once a belt, he did a really good job. However, she measured it against Ina's here at the shop, and decided she wanted to felt it a bit more. I kid you not, 15 minutes later, my phone rings, it had already been felted again and was totally perfecto.
Do I have to add this onto my list? I am trying to finish my bee stripe Lorna's socks- so cute so far...But now that my chevron scarf is finished and I wear it all the time, I want to cast on for these to match... Love those, and I need them badly for the morning commute...


  1. That is a great bag. I love the colors she chose. Such a good idea to have a shoe maker sew on the handles. Must make one. . .

  2. Thanks for posting the picture of the bag. Right after Justine took this picture I brought the bag home a felted it some more...I thought it was a little too big.
    Now it is perfect, I carry it all the time and use it as an everyday bag. I can not take the credit for bringing the bag to a shoemaker to have the straps sewn on. The pattern suggested it and gave the website where you can buy the straps. I bought a thicker srap than what was called for in the pattern. Anyway.. I loved making the bag!!