Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finally a blog entry...

I have been so engulfed with felting, beading, work stuff, and cooking for Thanksgiving, etc etc etc.... There aren't enough hours in the day, a feeling we all can share these days. I have a ton of knitting that I have to get done for the holidays- hum- stressed. Thank god, I finished a pair of these on Sunday. I can't say for who, in case she reads my blog, but they worked up pretty quickly and I know she'll wear them all the time- I wear mine. I knitted them out of Lorna's worsted in Aslan and plan on knitting her a suri cowl in Whipped Cream to match. That is the only gift that I've knit so far, is that pathetic or what? I'm knitting the Blue Sky worsted knee socks for my mother- YUM. Have you seen these? They are scrumptious (and did I mention, knit on a us 6 dpn?) That's what I'm talking about. As far as the other 20 gifts that I have to knit, who knows who is getting what. The one thing I do not do around the holidays is shop. We go to Fao Schwartz this Sunday, a sort of tradition in the making, buy her a few things and that is it! No other shopping for me. It's hand made and cooked from scratch for everyone else.

Otherwise, this week, I have been felting balls and making necklaces, thanks to Joanne. I absolutely love this ( I'm obsessed), I think about different color combos all day. I try to to felt the balls so that they look marbly and textured- it's so much fun. I string it with Swarovski crystals, and the reflections from the crystals are so grooooovy!!! This is the one I did last night, the picture doesn't do it justice, but that's okay... My goal is to felt another one tonight, maybe I'll get a second wind after the bugaboo goes to sleep and I eat a bunch of chocolate.... Chocolate and felted balls, what more does a girl need?


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