Monday, November 19, 2007

This was my morning commute? What is today's date? I don't think Scarlett's princess snow boots can wait until Christmas, she is going to need them today when she gets home to build a snowman with her dad. So bizarre...

I wish I could say that my felted beads are strung and looking fabulous as a necklace, but they aren't, I couldn't not kink the wire. It was totally frustrating, and now I am determined to make it right. However, after huffing and puffing, I set that project aside and decided to finish one of my chevron mitts thanks to KO .

I knit it with the koigu left overs from my chevron scarf. I love the warm colors, we all need a little warmth in the snowy tundra we're living in. I downloaded the Juliet pattern from Zephyr on Saturday. Unfortunately, the pattern will not be available for wholesale until after the holidays, so go ahead and download it, it's too cute. A few of the gals have knit it already with Blue Sky worsted, I'm not sure yet- still deciding. Maybe the worsted or the Rowan cocoon.... I was also looking at this pattern.. I love this!!! I'm a huge fan of the cap sleeve. All the better when you don't have to knit a sweater with long sleeves. All of these patterns are begging me to knit them, when what I really should be doing is knitting gifts - ugh!!

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  1. Can you believe that snow we got yesterday? My kids had a snow day.

    The mitt looks great. I love those Koigu colors.

    Juliet is a wonderful pattern. I was thinking about making it for my daughter with 3/4 sleeves. She's so slim her arms can handle having chunky garter stitch. Mine cannot.

    Happy Thanksgiving!