Monday, November 12, 2007

So worth the wait!

Fleece Artist and Cocoon have finally arrived, and the yarn is absolutely gorgeous. The colors sent from Fleece artist are so beautiful, and the kits are a blast!! One of the gals already started casting on for the Thrum Mitts kit on Saturday. The best part of these mitts, is how the roving gets stuck on the inside of the mitt, and gathers together to create a thick wall of warmth against your hand. I love that!! A mitten that works for you. The Lady of the Lake and Gauntlet kits are divine, I can't wait to see the rest of the shipment, coming in a week or so.

Rowan's new Cocoon is heaven- so worth the wait and frustration. The loss of "Polar" is no long so sad, when you feel how wonderful this yarn is. It is knit on a 10.5 -11, and is absolute luxury. The mohair gives is shine and drape, and I can hardly wait to free up some needles to cast on. I am working on a cute little jacket out of Big Wool, hoping to finish it tonight so that I can wear it tomorrow. We'll see!! I love that the Cocoon only comes in beautiful earth tones, very excited!!!

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  1. Yes. Excuse Me. You need to move HERE and open a yarn store. That is all. ;)