Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beautiful things....

Every morning on the way to work, I call my grandmother to say hi, and see how things are going. My grandmother is the reason why I have this uncontrollable need to create things all day and all night (my mother refers to it as dementia - whatever). I remember her sitting me down at the sewing machine to practice stitching straight lines on my grandfather's white handkerchiefs. She taught me how to knit on teeny tiny yarn, and we crocheted with yarn as small as thread. Unfortunately, as a teenager, the only crafty thing I did was get into as much trouble as I could!! Thank God that's over- and thank goodness for grandmothers all around the world for inspiring us to make things by hand (instead of staying in trouble).The second beautiful thing that came my way today, was Tilli Tomas' "Flurries" and a ton of Stitch Diva patterns. The Stitch Diva pattern "Sahara" looks like fun- it's nice and sassy (ooh la la). Wait, what about the "Boob Tube", done in hair pin lace? We are featuring that class at the shop this fall. This is a beautiful pot made today by Janet in pottery class. She is fairly new to this, and I think she did an amazing job at her first attempt at a larger piece of clay. I am so proud of her and her girls. This felted flower is amazing!! It's Jessica's first flower, I love it!! She came in today with a bunch of her hand felted jewelry, each piece came out great, she is definitely taking Carol Cypher's next class (if she doesn't go into labor first).


  1. that flower is so cool, is there room in carol's class?

  2. Justine,
    I think the flower is in the family of "Night Blooming" Cerius. Loved it.

    Also loved the photo of your Grandmother ... I can see you in her.

    Do you have the Loop d Loop crochet book in the shop?

    -Pam P.

  3. Justine,
    I can not believe how truely talented you are. All of what you make is absolutly beautiful. And who better than to show it off, than your beautiful kids. I love what you wrote about Aunt Roney. She was truely an amazing woman. I shared this website with my mother and sister who were also floored by this site. Good for you, I admire your passion. Love Jessica