Thursday, August 9, 2007

Do I really have a blog now?

So this is Angelfire's new blog. How exciting!! I didn't think I would ever get this blog up and running. Let me warn you now, I CAN'T SPELL!!!! We are getting ready for Carol Cypher to visit the shop in the morning for a hand felting workshop. She is so lovely over the phone, I can't wait to meet her. I stocked up on Ashland Bay roving for the class, the colors are absolutely gorgeous. Yesterday, the shop received a lot of the Unikat pencil roving, that stuff is really cool too.
Anyway, a friend of mine surprised me with a sewing machine for my birthday this year. I have been pumping bags out like crazy. I started sewing these cute drawstring project sacks and utility cases for the store. They are so adorable. Thank goodness my mother inlaw is here for the week, I have been keeping her up all night (every night), cutting fabric for me. She is used to going to sleep by 9. Not in my house!! No sleeping until at least 1:30 am! It's a good thing I married into a family of quilters. The fabrics are so great, and this is all new to me, so I get extra excited to come home with a few new yards of fabric. I haven't bought online yet, I'm afraid I would lose control. Plus, it's an excuse to go to the city!! Here is a picture of the project sacks. I'm no master sewer, but I love it- it's an instant gratification with each finished piece. This week, l learned about putting zippers in- cool-o. I also tackled knitting socks this week, those aren't so bad either - (yes, I own a yarn shop and I am knitting socks for the frst time- I love it!!) Perhaps, this week was about trying new things.

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