Friday, August 17, 2007

No way!!

No way can I knit a pair of socks in that purple Robitussen yarn that I dyed last week. On the shelf it goes, and bless the knitter who decides to knit with it without thinking about bronchitis. I am gagging with flashbacks every time I look at it. I am hardly impressed with the last batch of yarn that I dyed. None of which are even blog worthy!! It's so difficult to dye yarn in your kitchen without being overly concerned with dripping dyes all over your white cabinets. Pop better get his +&@ on a plane and install a slop sink in my workshop downstairs. Then I will be a dying fool. Until then, I ordered some of Colinette's semi solids in Jitterbug. The colors are really beautiful, I love "Wasabi Squeeze" in particular.
I wanted to take a picture of the last batch of pottery I fired for myself. I teach more than ever in the summer, so there is very little time for me to throw for myself. I wanted to throw some simple pieces and glaze them all white with the rims dipped in shades of blue and green. Take a look...

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  1. Your MIL-Barb- was telling me about your new blog. I love your pottery!!! Would love to see more.