Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I love Carol Cypher!!!

On Saturday, Carol came to the shop to teach a hand felting workshop. When I saw her in the parking lot, I thought I was going to cry- her aura is so beautiful, and to top it all off, she gives big warm bear hugs to start the day- who does that anymore? She was as grateful to be here, as we were to have her, (well maybe except for me, I have never been so excited- it was overwhelming). Her workshop, "Felted Bead Diva's Lariat", was amazing. The shop was silent, everyone worked so diligently on their pieces. Her enthusiasm and passion about fiber is so intense, and it really comes through in her work. She brought some bracelets to show us, along with this unbelievable ring involving a ton of bead work and a "bead implosion", a technique she will teach next time. What I loved the most, was how different everyone's finished piece was, and some of us went further to felt bracelets. I have mine on right now- I love it. When it was time to say good bye, I think I had to hold back a tear or two. It's so hard sometimes to find inspiration, and she was so incredibly inspiring, it was hard to digest it all it once. So, she will be back though- hopefully December 8th- so stay tuned for that. A few of the students from Saturday were in this morning, purchasing roving for more jewelry. I just hung up with Ashland Bay, so there will be a MASSIVE supply of that here too- YEAH!!!

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